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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Marty Casey - Trees

Note: I have a thing or two on this song

I don't wanna go through this life
Without you by my side
And I got it all worked out
In my head here's how it's got to be

It'll be you and me
Up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers
It'll be you and I
Up in the sky
It's a combination for disaster

We, we make believe
In a world we rule together
We can build our dreams
With a knot tied tight to last forever

It'll be you and me
Up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers
It'll be you and I
Up in the sky
It's a combination for disaster

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
We got one shot
So let's use our imaginations
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah
You're all that I got
So where do we go from here

It'll be you and me
Up in the trees
And the forest will give us the answers
It'll be you and I
Up in the sky
It's a combination for disaster

I know there's more for us in this life
If we hold on, if we hold strong
I know there's more for us in this life
Can we hold on, can we hold

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How I wish...

Woke up early today ( 2 a.m.) and I had a hard time shutting off my eyes . Tried my luck with 'Ocha' with the hope of falling back to sleep. But after having one glass, I realized, you don't drink tea for you to get to sleep, supposing you have to drink milk (demmit!!)
How I wish I was a bit earlier of figuring it out...

I was feeling unwell since last Sunday, worried I might have a cold, my skin hurts, I'm all shivering and emotionally frail. Sore throat threatening. Is this the dreaded H1N1? No, please!
How I wish that I didn't go to Genting last weekend..(Kak rina,in case you're reading this, I was just kidding, ok)

I tried to kill the time during the these hours, watching stupid movies, Maid in Manhattan? Spiderman 3? read guide books and practise useful Japanese phrases under my breath. Well.. It's for the future when I have a chance to visit Japan ( hurmm.. had planned it since 2007, yet until now, no sign of it..OMG!? It's been two years since then??)
How I wish I can go there next many events are taking place in 2010..Adoi..

About 3.30 a.m. went to McDonalds.. Amazingly it was sooo full with human beings. I was like pushing myself throughout the crowds and managed to get a place for both of us. We had chips,porridge and burgers plus hot milos. Suddenly I remembered that I am on this diet-till-you-die programme.. Anyway, damage has been done, whatever..
How I wish I don't have to forgo this suffering thingy.....

And now, after all this
How I wish I don't complain a lot about anything and everything

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eh, Raya mode is everywhere


I can't believe I was thinking to stay in KL to work and miss all the Hari Raya fun this year. Actually, I can't believe how much I missed out on Raya (Eid)! The preparations, the jalan raya with friends (convoy perhaps), the visiting relatives, the gossipping (or more politely known as catching up), etc..

So much fun!

Truly I had never enjoyed celebrating Raya. Was it because of I had not much friends to visit back in hometown? Or the reason could be, among all of us (the siblings) I was the only one who seldom/rarely come back hometown. Don't blame me, 13 yrs spent outside of home, no wonder they didn't know that my mum had another daughter, which is me?!)

But the sad thing was that those years I've missed out on this "family gatherings" people tend to forget faces they don't see often. I've been asked numerous times who I was.
And it doesn't help that I didn't grow up there (where the rest of my family is). So I don't socialize with these few ppl much. Oh well, u lose some, u gain some..

So this weekend, we will start to celebrate Hari Raya. I hope to see ppl I haven't seen in ages! And hopefully, I'll get back and share some silly story here and there..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speaking of...

Speaking of foods..

I had a dinner with two friends of mine at this "Bubba Gump Shrimp & Co" Sunway Pyramid. When I was in Orlando, I'd really wanted to try it, but my cousins were not so fond of eating shrimps. Then, I saw one in Bali, but again..after a second thought I was like "hurmm, maybe next time". Finally I had the chance to eat there, and turned out the foods weren't as what as I expected them to be..not nice lar..

(my advice : Always Expect the Unexpected)

Speaking of shopping...

Owh.. I haven't done any shopping for 'Hari Raya' . Frankly speaking, I never shop for anything every 'Raya'.. Isn't it weird? Yeah, I know..Don't know why I hate shopping so much

Speaking of personal items..

My laptop was broken, need to fix it. Same goes to the handphone. Should I buy a new hp? Still love the old one..

Speaking of planning for this weekend..
Kak Rina asked me to join her and Surjit for a night drive to Genting after berbuka.. Will think about it..But it's a good offer anyway since I don't have any plan on Saturday night. The event for berbuka puasa was cancelled (again for the second time)


Speaking of me...
I'm exhausted , tired and so sick of ..........

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday, after work I went straight to Nora's house for a family gathering. It has become sort of like a tradition for all of us to gather at her house every year during the fasting month. So Mummy+daddy will fly over to KL, my mum and granny and the rest of the families who are living closer will come down as always.
Well cousin Ida will be getting married in the next August (so soon? I thought I heard it's going to held in December).. She invited me to come to her engagement ceremony.
Haa, but I told her that I couldn't make it. What a pity..
Need to plan my leave since a lot of events will be taking place next year.. huhu
With Aleen's wedding on the way, Pulau Perhentian trip (with Kak Rina), my Gold Coast escapade (with Haru), Ida's Wedding summore, and then there goes this Krabi Island thing..

OMG?! By the end of the year, I will be so poor and broke.. Eh,what about my Japan + Europe trip? Adoi?!!