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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday, after work I went straight to Nora's house for a family gathering. It has become sort of like a tradition for all of us to gather at her house every year during the fasting month. So Mummy+daddy will fly over to KL, my mum and granny and the rest of the families who are living closer will come down as always.
Well cousin Ida will be getting married in the next August (so soon? I thought I heard it's going to held in December).. She invited me to come to her engagement ceremony.
Haa, but I told her that I couldn't make it. What a pity..
Need to plan my leave since a lot of events will be taking place next year.. huhu
With Aleen's wedding on the way, Pulau Perhentian trip (with Kak Rina), my Gold Coast escapade (with Haru), Ida's Wedding summore, and then there goes this Krabi Island thing..

OMG?! By the end of the year, I will be so poor and broke.. Eh,what about my Japan + Europe trip? Adoi?!!


hanum said...

ida nak kawin ke?kawin sine?wahhhh byl plan ktk kalah kmk...huhuhu

Yaya Sachiko said...

hahah..planning jer..nak pergi biler pon x tau..ida kawen nex year..tunang october ni