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Thursday, September 17, 2009

How I wish...

Woke up early today ( 2 a.m.) and I had a hard time shutting off my eyes . Tried my luck with 'Ocha' with the hope of falling back to sleep. But after having one glass, I realized, you don't drink tea for you to get to sleep, supposing you have to drink milk (demmit!!)
How I wish I was a bit earlier of figuring it out...

I was feeling unwell since last Sunday, worried I might have a cold, my skin hurts, I'm all shivering and emotionally frail. Sore throat threatening. Is this the dreaded H1N1? No, please!
How I wish that I didn't go to Genting last weekend..(Kak rina,in case you're reading this, I was just kidding, ok)

I tried to kill the time during the these hours, watching stupid movies, Maid in Manhattan? Spiderman 3? read guide books and practise useful Japanese phrases under my breath. Well.. It's for the future when I have a chance to visit Japan ( hurmm.. had planned it since 2007, yet until now, no sign of it..OMG!? It's been two years since then??)
How I wish I can go there next many events are taking place in 2010..Adoi..

About 3.30 a.m. went to McDonalds.. Amazingly it was sooo full with human beings. I was like pushing myself throughout the crowds and managed to get a place for both of us. We had chips,porridge and burgers plus hot milos. Suddenly I remembered that I am on this diet-till-you-die programme.. Anyway, damage has been done, whatever..
How I wish I don't have to forgo this suffering thingy.....

And now, after all this
How I wish I don't complain a lot about anything and everything


Erica said...

Unbelievable Yaya, you went for McD-breakfast in the middle of the night.. apparently, it's morning. It must had been a filling one, so did you end up having a great 'night' sleep later? As your friend, please promise not to go for 'greasy' food in the middle of the night again.. it's fattening my dear *-*